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Settle Into the Present Moment

During our Chillout Retreats, you will learn different meditation and mindfulness techniques and practices that can be used every day, such as the mindfulness of breathing, the Metta Bhavana. visualisations and walking meditations.

Once you have learned how to calm the mind you can meditate anywhere, in the bath, on the tube or whilst out walking. Even the most active minds need rest and without too much effort, so much can be achieved.


No prior experience required.

What Is Meditation?

By quieting the chattering mind and developing loving-kindness, we can be open to experience what is going on in the present. We become more mindful. How much time do you spend thinking about the past or the future without actually living and breathing each precious moment now?...after all we cannot change the past nor predict the future but we can shape our present.


Mindfulness meditation is now well regarded as a life skill. As we use yoga or Pilates to strengthen and exercise our body, we can use meditation to strengthen and gain control of our brain and mind...after all, it too is muscle.

Meditation is a tool that can help aid concentration, sharpen the senses and inspire minds. The beauty in even the smallest thing can be appreciated after only a few meditation sessions...

Try this simple mindfulness exercise at home...

Close your eyes for 3 minutes

Take a minute to notice what you can hear

Take a minute to notice what you can smell & the sensation of air on your nostrils.

Take a minute to notice how you feel.

When you are ready and feel rested and calm, open your eyes gently and smile.

On a Chillout Retreat you can expect to learn some of the following meditation practices....

Mindfulness of breathing, guided visualisation meditation, The metta bhavana, walking meditation plus we also offer mindfulness workshops on certain retreats too....

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