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Chillout Retreats Our Story

Three Chillout Sisters Welcome You.

Our retreats are about coming home to the best version of yourself... Creating sacred moments when you can just chill
out and take time out for yourself.

Award-winning Chillout Retreats was established in 2009 by Natalie Smit-Ash, yoga teacher & holistic healer, whose dream is to help people retreat from the stresses of everyday life and transform their lives in a positive way. Having experienced the many benefits of retreats herself, Natalie felt passionate about creating a space to help heal, nurture and inspire others.


Over the years Chillout has grown into an authentic, ethically run, family business and features her two sisters Lucie & Melanie, and occasionally their mum Maria, who are all following in their families' footsteps by keeping their ancestral healing heritage alive. Part of the Ash family, their paternal grandparents 'Ma & Pa Ash' were forward-thinking medics and doctors, who traded their high society London lifestyle to move out to Canada and live and learn about the medicine wheel from the Native American Indians.  

The sisters also have Italian roots. The Gorni family, on their Maternal side, brings their strong sense of family, connection and of course, a love of food. Learning to live a more balanced, natural and healthier lifestyle has been instilled into the three Chillout sisters who now, with the help of a fantastic retreat team of experts and teachers, can share their passions with you...


To date, Chillout Retreats has offered hundreds of retreats to thousands of gorgeous guests in locations from here in the UK to Italy, Spain, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Portugal, and more.The future looks set to be just as come join our chillout community on a yoga holiday of a lifetime that will transform you and create memories that will last forever.

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