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Chillout Retreats Team in the sun

Workplace wellbeing is a fantastic opportunity for employers to invest in their team, and in turn, reduce absence, attract and encourage more engagement and commitment, which is great for business. 

Its a win win!

Did you know that .. 

76% of employees report moderate to high levels of stress at work and 33% of long term absences are caused by stress.

Six in 10 menopausal women say it has had a negative impact on their work

One in ten women who worked during the menopause have left a job due to their symptoms

There are 14 million working days lost in the UK to menopause a year*

*Menopause in the Workplace report by The Fawcett Society

The Chillout Team are experts in Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition, and have specialist menopause knowledge and training.

We can offer the following Live or online wellbeing options for your team.

  • Mixed ability mat based or chair yoga and Pilates classes - No mat or special equipment needed.

  • Guided meditation & mindfulness practices for stress release.

  • Nutrition talks 

  • Creative workshops 

  • Hearty & delicious lunch that detoxifies and nourishes the body. 

  • Sound bath experiences to help heal and sooth

If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you and your team to thrive rather than strive.

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