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'Heaven on earth  - I can't wait to return!' - Jean


'Exactly what I needed! I have relaxed the most I have in years.

I look forward to my next retreat' - Jess


Out of all the 8 different Yoga retreats I have been on, around the world, this one has been the best one by far. - Jane, Italy


Thank you for not only giving me a really positive introduction to yoga and meditation, but also helping me to prepare and recover from surgery. Before my chillout retreat my blood pressure was too high, now the doctors have told me that I have text book readings.  - Sini Dowling, UK


This was our first yoga & meditation retreat, prior to arrival there was a little anxiety of the unknown, but within minutes of arriving we started to enjoy a weekend of HEAVEN. we thoroughly enjoyed every single element - the food, the Company, the seamless organisation, the amazing venue, the list just goes on and on. Nat and the team are absolutely amazing, totally incredible. will we do this again?...100%. we sincerely hope to spend many more weekends with you. I'm really not ready to go home. Thank you!  - Johanne Holman, Director of Sales, London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel


If heaven is going to be as wonderful as this weekend then I am ready to go! I have experienced what true happiness feels like....Thank you. -Veronika, UK


Thanks so much for a truly wonderful week. Leadership and organisation are always key factors in making the retreat work but it was your amazing warmth, serenity and brilliance that made the week so very special. A huge thank you.

Frances, UK


The weekend was a treat for the soul, mind and body - a big thank you to the Chillout team - you did a wonderful job for us all. It was so great to meet you all. - Claire, 10 Downing Street, London UK


The most relaxing time! Thank you so much for setting me on the road to finding me!!! Alison, UK


Thank you for a lovely weekend. We have learnt so much and will take this with us & hopefully be back on another retreat with you soon" - Rosh & Bhav, London


I arrived at my chillout retreat unable to focus on anything, extremely stressed and wanting to become more relaxed but stronger in body and mind. Life's stresses and prolonged competing priorities had drained me so that I could no longer make decisions that included my own wellbeing because I did not exist on my list of priorities. Chillout retreats showered us all with so many wonderful experiences - invigorating yoga, peaceful meditation, amazing food - friendship and love in a wonderful setting  - all that the mind and body craves for. I am now mended. - Maria, UK


I feel happy again! This retreat is just the most beautiful venue and the energy is very rejuvinating and special...I will be back.... Claire, USA


The photo's just don't do it justice. You need to see it to believe it...Mallorca has the WOW factor - Anike, Netherlands


Thank you for the tranquil time, the swimming and meditation. I liked the lack of pressure Frances, Seaford


A truly cathartic experience. My first retreat but it won't be my last. A wonderful healing, uplifting and stimulating weekend with amazing guides. - Sue, London


I can honestly say it was a very refreshing and revealing weekend, and I came back feeling very calm and rested and, in the main, have managed to keep that calmness with me ever since. My mind seems much less cluttered, and more able to focus and stay focused, and I know Jo has benefitted from being able to get a decent deep sleep most nights which is a big plus for both of us.  We laugh most days but mostly when we are happy and chilled - you can benchmark how good a weekend is by our laughter, so I think that demonstrates an A+ for this one. - Adam Turk,  Commercial Director, Polypipe Terrain


As usual Yum yum - Sally, Cornwall x


'Thank you for a lovely weekend! Really enjoyed it! - Susannah x


I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful few days. The environment the three of you created is just perfect. It really has had a positive effect on me, the relaxation, yoga, meditation, sleep and healthy food has given me a real boost, plus the amazing bonus of reconnecting with you again and your sisters made it so, so special. I shall definitely be back and will be passing on your website to some friends I know would love it. - Marysa, London


The BEST present I have EVER bought myself! Mel, Hannah and Linda have made this the most enjoyable, easygoing, chilled and relaxed weekend I have had. The classes and food have been AMAZING! But it's all down to Mel being completely brilliant! Thank you! - Amina xxx  


Thank you so much for streatching me, stroking me and feeding me. And thanks to the whole group for warmth, friendship, laughter. What a fabulous relaxing and happy week. Sunny memories to last all winter long. I can't wait to do it again. -  Sue, Sussex


It's been fab. Thank you so much for helping me to touch my toes again! It's been a fabulous week that I will treasure always.  Leza, Bristol  


Finding this retreat with you was, for me like finding a diamond on a sandy beach. The other friends who have come along to make this retreat have been a breath of fresh air. I havn't laughed, relaxed, streatched or been with so much 'ab' pain for so long. The food was a welcome experience and I enjoyed everything about eating vegetarian for the week. - Alison & Steve, UK  


I came to the retreat intending to stretch my desk bound body and give myself a much deserved break after 2 months of too much food, alcohol and stress – I left with so much more than that!. - Jo, London.