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TROPIC skincare is vegan, kind to animals and 100% pure products so works in harmony with the ethos at Chillout Retreats.


On retreat we look after every part of you..what you put in and on your body, encouraging you to move in the right way with yoga, Pilates and meditation to balance the mind, body and soul.

Our onsite nutritional chefs create wholesome and nutritionally designed cusine to cleanse and balance you from the inside out and and so it's vital too that we put the very best and pure products on our skin which is a vital organ of the body and can help us to feel and look healthy, happy and youthful.  


I was given a bag of Tropic goodies to try whilst managing a retreat in West Sussex and I have never looked back. My skin felt and looked more vibrant, felt fantastic and I smelt amazing too. The best thing for me was knowing that the products are completely natural and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.  I loved how it all made me feel which is why, as the founder and director of Chillout, I am more than happy to endorse and promote this skincare range. I hope you love it too... Take a look yourself by clicking here...





We love animals and care about their welfare, so we will never test on

them or cause them distress by using derivatives such as lanolin, beeswax or honey.



Our products contain the purest naturally derived ingredients and are free from harmful toxic chemicals.



We believe that what you put on your skin should never be a mystery, therefore we list all of our ingredients in plain English, and include a ‘best before' date on all our skincare so you know exactly what’s in your product, and that you’re applying only the freshest ingredients to your skin.



Our products are designed using the richest, most nutritious premium natural ingredients to ensure they are effective on all skin types, even the most sensitive.



What everyones saying about TROPIC....


I was very lucky to have the chance to sample a few of your fantastic products on retreat. After the first use of products from the Deluxe Skincare Collection, the results on my skin were absolutely amazing! Felt so soft and so clean!! I am currently transitioning from vegetarian to vegan so it's very important for me to find beauty products that are animal cruelty free. Your products tick all the boxes.


Kirsty S


I couldn't be more impressed with Tropic products .. I was very sceptical at first and have only used high end products such as Estée Lauder and Dior..I can tell you now..I am going to throw that all away and just use tropic products ..I have combination skin with unbalanced, red, underneath red bumps and was getting really frustrated and down ..everything I used on my face would irritate it and make it inflamed.. After using these products for a few days my skin has never felt and looked so amazing .. It's smoothed my skin out the redness has decreased loads and the bumps are slowly going.. I never write reviews ever! And feel like these products deserve it.. I've become obsessed and want to buy everything tropic ....if you are having doubts whether to buy.. Just do it and give it a go, you won't be disappointed ..I feel like I've gone to the spa every morning and night !





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